Marketplace Admin

CriticalStack Marketplace is a quick and easy way to set up applications for use by development users. It provides administrators with the capability to offer a standard set of applications with repeatable, configurable options. Developers can then utilize these pre-approved applications as components within their larger applications and workloads.

Adding a Marketplace Repository Source

The first step in utilizing the power of the Marketplace is to add a Marketplace source from which Helm Charts will be pulled for application deployments. To add an Marketplace source, navigate to Settings > Application Sources

application source

Now that you are on the Marketplace Source admin you can create a new source. Click the blue New Source button in the top left corner. This will bring up a configuration window where you can add the URL for your trusted helm repo.

add source

Click Save and the new Marketplace source will display in the sources list. You can edit this entry at any time.

source list