Marketplace Add an Application

CriticalStack Marketplace is a quick and easy way to set up applications for use by development users. It provides administrators with the capability to offer a standard set of applications with repeatable, configurable options. Developers can then utilize these pre-approved applications as components within their larger applications and workloads.

Installing Application in Marketplace

First locate the specific application you intend to use in your stack, by searching in the search box. For this example we’ll launch the wordpress helm chart.

select app

Selecting the desired application will bring you to the readme for the helm chart that will be used to deploy the application withing Critical Stack. Read the information to understand what information will be required for deployment, and when ready select the configure app button.

configure app

Fill out the required fields to complete the configuration, and when ready click the save configuration button at the bottom. Once the configuration has been saved you can click the install app button to deploy your application.

install app