Marketplace Overview


The Marketplace allows you to curate and rapidly deploy apps from local or popular Helm repositories with minimal effort. The Marketplace home page shows you all of your bookmarked and installed apps, along with popular apps, and those with updates.

Configure a Source for a Helm Repository

Prerequisites: The name and URL for the desired Helm repo.

For more info on creating and working with Helm chart repositories, visit The Chart Repository Guide.

Setting up sources for Helm repositiories in the Marketplace is as simple as providing a:

  • Name: Must be a valid Kubernets Resource name
  • URL in the Source Form or by using the Advanced Editor.

Optional features include, setting a username and password.

Now your work is complete. Critical Stack will pull content from the specified repo and add them to the Marketplace.

Would you like to set a few parameters? Use the Advanced Editor.

Advanced Editor Features

Access the Advanced Editor from the Settings menu.

From here, you can update the frequency or set the SkipSync flag to true. This stops pull requests for the repo you’re configuring.

Provisioning an Application

When you install an application, it will be provisioned within the namespace you are currently in. You can install more than one instance of an application.

Here are the steps to install an application from the Marketplace:

  1. Discover the available apps by
    1. viewing Popular Apps,
    2. typing the app name in the search bar,
    3. or choosing a category.
  2. Select the application you’d like to provision.
  3. Click Learn More.
  4. The Overview screen displays the pertinent information about the chosen application.
  5. On the app card to the right side of the screen, select the version you wish to install from the available versions.
  6. Click Configure App.
  7. When the Configuration page appears complete the required information.
  8. Click save configuration.
  9. Click Install the App.
  10. A confirmation box appears.
  11. Click OK.

Once the app is installed, you’ll notice a Remove App option along with a green install ribbon at the top of the app card. The Marketplace Home Screen now shows the app under Installed.