The Data Center’s Storage activities include information and creation tasks for PersistentVolumeClaims, PersistentVolumes, and StorageClasses. Click Storage to access the drop-down menu to select the Resource you’d like to view.

Critrical Stack Storage is built upon the concept of PersistentVolumes (PV) and persistantVolumeClaims (PVC). A PersistentVolume is another type of cluster resource. PVCs let you can “claim” usuable storage within a specific Pod without having to know the details of your cluster’s cloud environment.

Persistent Volume Claims

PersistentVolumeClaims are requests for storage by users. An admin provisions the PersistentVolume making it available for requests or “PersistentVolumeClaims”. Once available, you can request storage resources for specific levels or request a particular size and access mode like Memory or you may need to mount a volume for read/write access once to run a service.

data center persistent volume claims

Persistent Volumes

The Critical Stack UI creates Volume Claims from a Persistent Volume or pre-defined Storage Classes and access modes. Storage Classes are a way to catalog the various storage offerings.

data center persistent volumes

Storage Classes

Admins create Storage Classes by creating StorageClass objects that include provisioner (e.g. AWS), parameters, and reclaimPolicy.

data center storage classes

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