Critical Stack Namespaces are a way to organize resources and services. You can view and create namespaces from the UI or command line.

cluster namespaces

Critical Stack clusters contain Kubernetes’ four initial namespaces (default, kube-system, kube-public, kube-node-lease). To learn more about these namespaces read Kubernetes] for more information.

The Namespace page provides a list of all namespaces within a cluster. Labels provide additional information for a particular namespace. Administrators can add additional labels to denote a particular service or resource.

Creating a New Namespace

Create namespaces two ways by clicking the +Create Namespace button, and choosing either Simple or Advanced.


add namespace

  1. Click +Create Namespace.
  2. Select Simple.
  3. Type a Name.
  4. Add Labels.
  5. Click Create.



  1. Click +Create Namespace.
  2. Select Advanced.
  3. The Advance Editor opens.
  4. Type a name.
  5. Add labels.
  6. Click Create.

The new namespace appears in the list and the Namespaces Counter increases by one.

Clicking +Create Namespace from the Namespace List opens the Namespace Form.

  1. Select Simple.
  2. Type a Name.
  3. Add Labels.
  4. Click Create.